We Empower Vibrant Cities for All

From the neighborhood up

EcoDistricts Empowers City Makers to Put People and Planet at the Center of Every Urban Development Decision

Within every neighborhood (or district) there lies the opportunity to design truly innovative, scalable solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing city makers today: income, education and health disparities; blight and ecological degradation; the growing threat of climate change; and rapid urban growth.


It’s time for a disruption

We aim to drive a new era of district-scale urban development that achieves unsurpassed outcomes in equity, resilience and sustainability. Truly vibrant cities, from the neighborhoods up.

Our theory of change is about building a global conversation across a passionate community of change agents, advancing district sustainability across diverse communities, and rewarding leaders who take a stand and meet rigorous performance outcomes.


It’s time to build the cities of tomorrow. Are you in?

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Our Vision

Just, resilient and sustainable cities, from the neighborhood up


Our Mission

At EcoDistricts, we’re advancing a new model of urban regeneration and community development rooted in a relentless commitment to authentic collaboration and social, economic and ecological innovation. Our work is powered by the growing number of inspired urban change makers that are reimagining the future of cities.


Our Core Values:

  • Neighborhoods and districts are the building blocks of sustainable cities
  • Everybody – regardless of class, race, age, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation – deserves to live in healthy, safe, connected and vibrant neighborhoods
  • Economic opportunity, community well-being, and ecological health are fundamental ingredients for sustainable neighborhoods and cities
  • Neighborhood sustainability requires a new model for action – rooted in collaboration and greater inclusion – to co-create innovative district-scale projects
  • Rigorous, consistent and transparent reporting in the areas of governance, environmental, and social performance is fundamental to effectively promote and manage long-term sustainability
  • Social equity, inclusion and democracy are essential to sustainable neighborhood development