Getting Green (Roofs) in the TNT Eco-Innovation District

One of our Target Cities districts, the Talbot-Norfolk Triangle (TNT) Eco-Innovation District in Boston, is doing some excellent work on green roof installations in their neighborhood.

Together with the Fairmount-Indigo Line CDC Collaborative, the district is getting set to launch the first installation of the “Fairmount Line Bus Shelter Green Living Roof Initiative” on three bus shelters near the Talbot Station of the Fairmount/Indigo Commuter Rail Line.

This demonstration project is one of several green infrastructure initiatives in planning or underway in the TNT neighborhood and along the six-mile Fairmount Corridor. The green living roofs will demonstrate at street level how green roof technology can improve air quality, reduce stormwater run-off, create jobs and help to cool city “heat islands.”

It’s great to see projects making our cities more sustainable, resilient, vibrant and just.