Our Manifesto for Urban Vibrancy

Healthy cities are made up of vibrant neighborhoods

Neighborhoods that are energized by ambitious people, fueled by innovation and strengthened by ongoing relationships. Where diversity is honored, big dreams are encouraged and people smile at one another.


We think work environments operate the same way

Our team is made up of a colorful core of empowered individuals. At EcoDistricts everyone is considered a leader and urged to take ownership of the work most inspiring to them. Helping build the thriving cities of tomorrow is not easy work. It takes a level of fearlessness and grit to be bold in the face of challenges, and the willingness to take a stand for the beliefs we are passionate about.

We recognize that our growing team is unconditionally stronger when we work together, leveraging and appreciating each other’s skills and gifts. Collaboration is key. And with collaboration comes the acknowledgment that all people have value, in and outside of our office. Equity and inclusion are critical dimensions of our work ethic.


Above all, we at EcoDistricts are a community that strives to do what we love, and love what we do

We remind ourselves daily to not only bring positivity to our workplace, but to seek and celebrate the joy that our efforts bring to the communities, leaders and individuals that we serve.


Together, we will build the vibrant cities of tomorrow from the neighborhood up


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