The Certification Process


EcoDistricts Certified is designed to reward a diverse range of urban regeneration districts deserving global recognition through a phased and locally-tailored process

Fees associated with the Certification process are listed below. Fees can be paid online for each phase individually or bundled via credit card or check.





EcoDistricts Certified begins with district registration. Upon registration, your district team will receive:

  • Access to a the Certification Handbook, containing an outline of Certification requirements and guidelines to help you successfully prepare district submissions.
  • Access to the required legal agreement.
  • Access to a technical inquiry service reserved for registered districts.


Additionally, you will begin building your district profile for publication in the global EcoDistricts Registry, which will grow as your implementation documents are endorsed and posted.


Registration Fee: $900.00


03_Phases-CommittmentImperatives Commitment

The certification process begins with a district’s commitment to the Imperatives that underpin the Protocol: Equity, Resilience, and Climate Protection. These are indispensable cornerstones of neighborhood sustainability, and making a firm pledge to them at the outset of the process ensures their integration in the Formation, Roadmap, and Performance phases.

Imperatives Commitment Endorsement Fee: $2,400.00


Formation focuses on shaping the necessary leadership, collaboration, and decision-making
governance to support effective action through all phases of development and implementation.
Formation is a key stage in exercising a district’s commitment to procedural and structural equity in engagement and decision-making.

Declaration of Collaboration Endorsement Fee: $3,600.00

03_Phases-RoadmapRoadmap — Certification Achievement

The Roadmap is a performance-based sustainability action work plan that integrates a comprehensive set of catalytic project and programmatic investments across a district. The Roadmap sets ambitious performance targets and implementation milestones based on the Imperatives and Priority indicators. Districts are encouraged to expand the scope and content of their Roadmaps to address the full extent of local issues and aspirations.

Roadmap Endorsement Fee: $5,000

03_Phases-PerformancePerformance — Certification Maintenance

Performance focuses on measuring impact and gauging a district’s progress towards strategy
implementation and meeting its performance targets. This is an ongoing phase in which reports are shared regularly in the community and publicly on the EcoDistricts Registry. A district’s biennial progress report becomes the basis of measuring impact over time and supporting peer-to-peer learning.

Biennial Progress Report Endorsement Fee — Certification Maintenance: $1,200.00

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