3 Implementation Phases

Catalyzing Neighborhood- and District-Scale Sustainability

Underpinning the EcoDistricts Protocol is a Three-Phase Implementation Framework

Underpinning the EcoDistricts Protocol is a three-phase implementation framework. This framework sets the conditions for sustained, scalable outcomes that address the Protocol’s Imperatives and Priorities, and meet the specific needs of a district over time.


EcoDistricts Protocol ImplementationFormation

Build the necessary leadership, collaboration, and decision-making conditions to support effective action.



Assemble a comprehensive action plan of performance targets, feasible strategies for achieving the targets, and a schedule and resources for implementation.



Implement the Roadmap, report progress towards targets, and use results to strengthen performance and transfer lessons learned.


The EcoDistricts Protocol Heralds a New Era of City Building Focused on Equity, Resilience and Climate Protection from the Neighborhood Up