Renew Your AP Credential

Maintaining your EcoDistricts AP Credential

Step 1: Submit your continuing education credits

EcoDistricts APs can now report their continuing education hours directly in their user profile.  Note that each credit-earning activity must be submitted on the new platform, if you previously submitted CEU hours to the google form, they will not show up in your account. Reach out to Teva Needleman at to resolve any issues. SUBMIT CEU HOURS

Maintaining your credential
EcoDistricts APs maintain their credential by earning 30 continuing education hours every two years.  Credits may be earned by:

  • Completing AIA, ALSA, AICP, or GBCI credits related to EcoDistrict topics.
  • Attending EcoDistricts sanctioned programs such as Webinars or Trainings.
  • Participating in the planning or implementation of an EcoDistrict such as facilitating workshops, completing certification deliverables, or volunteering in your neighborhood to advance EcoDistrict Imperatives or Priorities.
Step 2: Complete Centering Racial Equity in EcoDistricts
This course is specifically allocated for EcoDistricts APs who completed their AP training prior to Oct. 2021. This training is free and now a requirement to re-credential. APs who completed their training online should be pre-enrolled in the new course. If you completed your training in person or are having trouble accessing the free course, email Teva Needleman at and she will get things sorted out. REGISTER NOW FOR THE COURSE

Step 3: Submit your credential maintenance fee

Maintaining your EcoDistricts AP credential costs just $35 every two years. You can submit your CEUs and payment separately, but payment must be made before a credential is officially renewed. MAKE AN AP CREDENTIAL MAINTENANCE PAYMENT 

EcoDistricts may revoke an AP credential upon the reporting and verification of professional misconduct related to credential use. Misconduct is defined as unethical actions or submission of inaccurate or misleading information.