Santa Monica City Yards

Santa Monica, California, United States


Neighborhood Type: Industrial

Size: 14.7 Acres


The Santa Monica City Yards Ecodistrict Project would be the first project in the city to use the neighborhood/district scale to leverage partnership-making and strategic decision-making centered around three ecodistrict imperatives: equity, resilience, and climate protection. The Ecodistrict Project launches in tandem with the redevelopment of the City Yards Modernization Project. The City Yards is 14.7 acres and was built in the mid-1950s over a brownfield site, and is the former location of the city’s landfill. Much of Santa Monica’s Public Works operations and services are conducted from the City Yards location: Facilities Services, Custodial Services, Resource Recovery and Recycling, Fleet Management, Parking Meter Repairs, Street Maintenance, Street Signs and Markings, and Wastewater and Water Administration. The shared goal of both projects is to expand the community benefits of an existing city asset (the City Yards), with programming such as adult and youth trades training, a community meeting room, and improved site access and navigation. The City Yards Modernization Project’s new design seeks to better accommodate City staff operations housed on site and the public visitor experience. The redevelopment reimagines staff organization, how equipment and machines are stored, and how to improve coordination and space efficiencies. The redevelopment also endeavors to make Santa Monica’s important Public Works services more transparent and understood by residents and businesses and ultimately to reimagine this industrialized area as an appreciated community asset and benefit. An addition component of the City Yards Modernization Project is the development of a multi-user microgrid.

Identifying the City Yards within an ecodistrict area propels a new approach to community partnership, collaboration, and leadership. Diverse community assets surround City Yards, including the Bergamot Arts Center, a new Metro EXPO Light Rail Station, the new Breeze Bike stations, Gandara Park (formerly Stewart Street Park), Ishihara Park (formerly Buffer Park), Virginia Avenue Park, Pico Branch Library, and the Saturday Farmers’ Market at Virginia Avenue Park. Additionally, City Yards is located close to active social and business partners in the community, including the Pico Neighborhood Association, the Pico Business Improvement District, Santa Monica College, and nearby local businesses, housing developments, and nonprofit organizations.

Currently, the Santa Monica Ecodistrict Project seeks to find interested partners and participants to help define the ecodistrict project and grow it into reality.

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