Dunja Nedic

Operations Specialist

Originally from Australia, Dunja joined the EcoDistricts team as its Operations Specialist in 2016, supporting administrative, operations, communications and program activities across the organization. Prior to relocating to Portland, Dunja worked at the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, a startup dedicated to building the mental health of South Australians, where she led a project to build the resilience of automotive workers in transition, as well as working across business operations.

Dunja was also a trainer and facilitator at the Youth Opportunities Association, as well as working as a music writer and editor for a number of Australian publications. Her varied work history is reflective of a desire to learn, be challenged and do work she cares about.

Dunja holds Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and creative writing and an Honors degree in women’s studies from Flinders University, South Australia.