Katy Ricchiuto

Program Manager

Katy has extensive experience in the intersection of environmental and urban policy and equitable community development. Her areas of expertise include sustainable urban development, community engagement and governance, energy and climate policy, and regulatory policy.

As EcoDistricts’ Program Manager, Katy oversees the implementation of the EcoDistricts Institute and Certified programs. She works with developers, municipalities, community development corporations, and community groups to support project execution for 17 national and international sustainable urban planning projects. She also design and implements the annual curriculum for 200 Accredited Professionals, including national and international trainings, webinars, and an annual three-day team training workshop. Katy also provides consulting to projects in areas including project implementation planning, performance monitoring, community engagement, and long-term project governance.

Katy holds a Bachelor of the Arts with Honors in English, Spanish and Economics from The Ohio State University and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, with a specialization in Environmental Policy.

Katy is proud to be from Cleveland, OH and currently calls Seattle, WA home. Outside of work, she can be found enjoying outdoor activities with her dog, Jazz, volunteering with the Seattle Aquarium, traveling, or working on her wooden bowl-turning and clay throwing skills.